R&D platforms and services

Axonova offers preclinical drug discovery and development solutions, based on its technology platforms and capabilities, that are provided in the form of fee-for-service work. Axonova also engages in R&D partnerships, where Axonova’s drug development expertise and facilities are made available to support a defined drug discovery program.

Natural compounds & extracts library

Axonova has an in-house library of extracts, derived from endemic and indigenous plants, which have been characterized for their chemical constituents. The company is constantly enlarging its portfolio, and our current library can be used by other partners to perform pharmacological screening against biological targets of choice.

We have a comprehensive database of existing medicinal plants in the region, backed by ethno-pharmacological understanding of the knowledge of traditional practices and scientific documentation. We can source active ingredients to respond to the need of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as prepare and evaluate the potential of standardized plant extracts and bioactive molecules.

CNS in vitro models and assays

Our in vitro platform is dedicated to pharmacological profiling of lead compounds and unravel their underlying mechanism of action. Our panel of cell models and cell-based assays enables testing of novel small-molecule drug candidates, but also new active ingredients from plants, for a large array of potential benefits to support product health claims. In particular, we have a range of customizable models and assays to study neuroprotective, neuroplasticity and neurotrophic signaling that are relevant to the pathophysiology of CNS disorders.

Our solutions are offered in the form of contract research, integrated drug discovery alliances or research partnerships.