R&D platforms and services

Axonova offers preclinical drug discovery and development solutions, based on its technology platforms and capabilities, that are provided in the form of fee-for-service work. Axonova also engages in R&D partnerships, where Axonova’s drug development expertise and facilities are made available to support a defined drug discovery program.

Natural compounds & extracts library

Axonova has build-up a comprehensive database of regional plants and marine resources documented by traditional medicine data, scientific data from literature, as well as proprietary scientific data gathered by in-house R&D. Axonova is constantly enlarging its database, and the natural extract libraries are made available to other partners to perform pharmacological screening against biological targets of their choice:

40 indigenous plants with detailed monographs

  • Catalogue describing (1) origin, (2) traditional uses, (3) pharmacology and toxicology, (4) bioactive molecules, and, (5) neuroprotective profiles.

20 plants with proprietary characterization by Axonova

  • 60 crude extracts available (water, methanol, ethyl-acetate)
  • Phytochemical profiles characterized by UHPLC-UV/MS
  • Neuropharmacology and toxicity profiles characterized in vitro
  • Chemical diversity > 200 bio-active molecules

140 bio-active molecules and extracts derived from marine products

  • Over 50 purified marine compounds
  • 90 fractionated extracts derived from deep sea bacteria
  • Chemical profiling and neuropharmacology data in progress (COMIT project)

High content screening assays

Axonova has developed an in vitro screening platform for drug discovery. Our HCS capabilities allow phenotypic screening for identification and characterization of new drug candidates. HCS offers fast, automated, and quantitative cellular imaging with multi-parametric analyses, allowing for screening of thousands of molecules in very short timeframes.

Our panel of cell models and cell-based assays enables testing of bio-active molecules and natural extracts, for a large array of therapeutic applications to support product health claims:

Cell lines and models

  • Human-derived neuroblastoma cells (SH-SY5Y cells)
  • Neural cells over-expressing TrkB receptor (PC12-TrkB, SH-SY5Y-TrkB)
  • Human neural progenitor cells (NPCs)
  • RA-induced neuronal differentiation (SH-SY5Y cells)
  • Amyloid-b Induced neurotoxicity (Alzheimer’s Disease model)
  • H2O2 induced oxidative stress
  • Glutamate induced toxicity (Parkinson’s Disease model)

Phenotypic assays and readout (Cell Insight CX5)

  • Neuronal survival, proliferation and differentiation
  • Neurite outgrowth
  • Anti-inflammatory, oxidative stress
  • Neurotoxicity
  • Synaptogenesis
  • Other customizable assays (please inquire)

Bioanalysis and biomarker assays

Our bio-analysis platform is dedicated to measure biochemical and molecular signatures enabling pharmacological profiling of lead compounds and unravel their underlying mechanism of action.

Biochemistry (Victor X3 Multilabel plate reader)

  • Cell-based ELISA to measure activation of TrkB receptor
  • Signaling pathway analyses (e.g. BDNF/TrkB, MAPK)
  • Colorimetric assays to determine cell viability (MTT, CCK-8)

Molecular biology (CFX96 system-IVD)

  • Quantification of gene expression by qRT-PCR
  • In-house validated pool of target genes for neuroprotection


  • Test for anti-microbial properties of dug candidates
  • Detection of bacteria in biological samples
  • Antibiotic Sensitivity Tests